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June’s Good News

Category: Opensource,Security,Web — kamaruddin @ 3:53 pm

Lots of things happened while I was in complete solitude. Most interesting and fun stuffs in cyberspace within the time:

1. Firefox 3 is out!
Firefox 3Yes, the awaited and widely acclaimed web browser is back! After more than 8 million downloads in 24 hours finally the fox reached more than its targeted 5 milion downloads, putting Mozilla’s server to the test by going through 14,000 downloads/minute. The achievement is to be recorded in Guiness Book of World Records. Not sure when it’s going official, but I’m really happy for it. Here’s Mozilla’s download counter. Anyway, Indonesia initiated ~47,000 downloads.

However, not all is good news. It’s reported that 5 hours after the launch a security vulnerability was found by Zero Day Initiative. Some people are speculating that the vulnerability was intentionally made public on that particular day for the benefit of ZDI. Robert Accettura’s post has something for us to ponder.

2. YMail
If you don’t own a proper address with, now it’s time for you to grab a new or from Yahoo!

Come on, grab it while it last!

3. IPhone 3G
IPhone 3G is now packed with HSDPA, Exchange support, maps and GPS! For those who own IPhone prior to this could upgrade via IPhone 2.0 software update.

IPhone 3G, available in July 2008

The $199 price seems to good to be true. Yes, I know the phone is to be purchased with a minimum 2 years contract with provider. Is it really that cheap? Bah, an initial unlocked IPhone in Indonesia (Medan) is still draining your wallet for ~$600. Gizmodo helps us calculating the real price.

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