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Gmail experience, now with integrated theme

Category: IT in General,Tips and Tricks,Web — kamaruddin @ 11:46 am

Checking your e-mail on Gmail and notice strange atmosphere lately? Yes, Gmail now has an integrated theme inside (19/11/2008). So go pimp your Gmail. No scriptfu is required now.

Previously you can customize some parts of your Gmail with Greasemonkey and thousands of its user-generated scripts made available at Greasemonkey Repository. With Greasemonkey you can have Gmail on top of your Google Reader at the same page (which i really adore). Note that all these third party scripts and hacks are not officially supported.

Now, want to know how it feels writing an e-mail in the late 1970s while the green nasty monochrome monitor and cabinet-high system unit were still widely used? :D

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