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Gmail experience, now with integrated theme

Category: IT in General,Tips and Tricks,Web — kamaruddin @ 11:46 am

Checking your e-mail on Gmail and notice strange atmosphere lately? Yes, Gmail now has an integrated theme inside (19/11/2008). So go pimp your Gmail. No scriptfu is required now.

Previously you can customize some parts of your Gmail with Greasemonkey and thousands of its user-generated scripts made available at Greasemonkey Repository. With Greasemonkey you can have Gmail on top of your Google Reader at the same page (which i really adore). Note that all these third party scripts and hacks are not officially supported.

Now, want to know how it feels writing an e-mail in the late 1970s while the green nasty monochrome monitor and cabinet-high system unit were still widely used? :D

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Cara Sederhana Menghindari Keylogger

Category: Indonesian,IT in General,Security,Tips and Tricks — kamaruddin @ 11:43 am

Gambar Keylogger diambil dari saya yang baru ngeblog ternyata memposting sebuah artikel tentang “Black Device” yang bisa merekam password dan membuka situs yang sebelumnya kita akses secara otomatis. Dia mendapatkannya dari e-mail yang dikirim lewat sepupunya yang juga mendapatkan e-mail dari orang lain. E-mail tersebut adalah hoax. E-mail yang berusaha memancing kepanikan, informasi menyesatkan dan membodoh-bodohi. Jadi waspadalah! Jangan cepat percaya dengan e-mail berantai (asal forward) tanpa terlebih dahulu memeriksa kebenarannya.

Saya kemudian memposting komentar di artikel tersebut beserta sedikit referensi dan berjanji akan melakukan trackback.


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Forgotten Password in Windows 9x?

Category: IT in General,Tips and Tricks — kamaruddin @ 3:05 pm

Worry not! Here’s the solution in animated GIF.

Note: The author is *still* using Windows 98SE with Unofficial 98SE Service Pack & XP for work and fun on desktop. Yes, he’s crazy and a 98 die-hard! :)

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Downloading McAfee ViruScan Virus Definition using Batch script and Wget

Category: Tips and Tricks — kamaruddin @ 9:40 am

Have you encounter this situation in your office? You have to keep all workstations with McAfee ViruScan updated with latest definition but only the lucky few are entitled for web access. Unlike Avira Antivir, McAfee is not using static filename for its virus definition (ie. sdatXXXX.exe) and is incrementing everyday. Using a download manager won’t work since its dynamic naming nature.

Here’s where the good old buddy WGET and batch script come in rescue.

@echo off
set TargetPath=D:\Antivirus

IF EXIST "%TargetPath%\update.ini" del "%TargetPath%\update.ini"
wget -O "%TargetPath%\update.ini"

FOR /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%a in ('type "%TargetPath%\update.ini" ^| find /i "datversion="') DO SET DatVersion=%%a

REM // If you can get it by FTP remove the REM otherwise use HTTP
REM wget -O "%TargetPath%\sdat%DatVersion%.exe"

wget -O "%TargetPath%\sdat%DatVersion%.exe"

IF EXIST "%TargetPath%\old.exe" del "%TargetPath%\old.exe"
REN %targetpath%\update.exe old.exe
REN %targetpath%\sdat%DatVersion%.exe update.exe


If you can’t download via FTP as some crappy ISP disabled it for reasons, you’ll have much luck with HTTP.

Scheduled it into your computer/server (Task Scheduler) and have it ready warm and fresh the next morning. Bye-bye manual downloading….

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Downloading Video Without Installing Any Software

Category: Tips and Tricks,Web — kamaruddin @ 9:30 am

I teach you how to download video without the help of software video downloader. Now you don’t have to worry messing around your computer by installing (with trial-and-error, duh!) your perfect video downloader software (shareware/freeware). Downloading video is now as easy as 1,2,3… Screenshot

Step 1:
Hit LeechVideo website

Step 2:
Enter the Video URL you wish to download

Step 3:
Grab the Video URL and paste it to your download manager of choice or better yet, DownThemAll!

Easy and clean way of downloading video, doesn’t it? You may also want to check out KeepVid.

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