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I Don’t Surf Porn Site!

Category: Indonesian,Ranting — kamaruddin @ 1:08 pm

Anyone in Indonesia have already known that the Big Brother has blocked the internet access especially to porn and gambling sites. This is not a shocking news as China implemented this long before we do.

Look Ma… No Porn!The blocking has caused collateral damage. I believe that numerous sites not related with porn or gambling have been blocked if predetermined keyword was caught crafted in URL. This happens when I’m going to CameraPorn for photography tips and tricks.


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Pentingnya Manajemen Waktu

Category: Ranting,Thoughts,Work — kamaruddin @ 6:24 pm

mgt_waktu_01.jpgBerapa sering anda mendengar “Saya tidak punya waktu” sebagai alasan maupun jawaban atas pertanyaan anda?

“Olahraga? Tidak, saya tidak punya waktu. Anak saya rewel dan butuh perhatian.” “Kursus komputer? Tidak, saya juga tidak punya waktu. Jadwal saya sudah demikian padat.” Sesibuk itukah anda sehingga menyempatkan 10 menit olahraga di depan televisi sambil mengawasi anak anda tidak sempat? Ataukah anda lebih sibuk dari seorang bisnisman yang masih sempat meluangkan sedikit waktu untuk menjamu rekan bisnisnya?


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Coke bath

Category: Ranting — kamaruddin @ 10:55 am

It’s really miserable, pathetic and damn annoying! The water turned to pitch black sandy water. We’re all disappointed with the performance of the public company. First, 2 hours blackout in a week for the whole month and now we have to face the “kindness” of the water service company by giving us “coke” to bath. How nice!

The pictures say it all:

Pretty Clean Huh? Up close and personal. Indonesian’s plumbing…. Sand bonus

In term of payment, we have to pay them on time and in full if you dont want to live without electricity and bathing in your neighbor’s house. In most countries, these two are not even an issue! They play monopoly for all public necessity yet they say they’re suffering financially. It doesnt make any sense.

Anyway, it’s living Indonesian’s way…. Welcome to Indonesia. :(

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