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gOS screenshots

Category: Opensource — kamaruddin @ 2:22 pm

gOS splash screen gOS refreshing desktop Google search box in the middle

Enlightment popup menu Fisheye menu. Mac style! Firefox in gOS. Notice the close button is on top left

This Ubuntu derivative is lightweight, sexy and friendly. I’m sold!

gOS official site
gOS, Wikipedia entry


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Best Open Source Software List

Category: Opensource — kamaruddin @ 4:36 pm

Here’s my links to Open Source softwares. Most of the softwares could replace (even surpasses) commercial softwares without spending a single dime. Be legal! Don’t use pirated software even if it’s cool to do so :lol:

My utmost respect to those programmers who spend many days of sleepless nights sharing their piece of idealism to us.



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