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Kopdar Perdana Blogger Sumut dengan Telkomsel

Category: Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:42 am

Senang, meriah dan memuaskan adalah kesan saya di acara perdana Kopdar Blogger Sumut dengan Telkomsel. Senang karena untuk pertama kalinya Sumut bisa mengadakan kopdar sehingga saya bisa kenal dan bertemu langsung dengan para blogger. Cukup meriah karena blogger yang dikenal cukup agresif di dunia maya ternyata lumayan banyak yang gokil, terutama mas Eko Purwanto yang mencoba negosiasi sponsorship makan enak untuk blogger Sumut :D (Cia Yo bos!). Mas Aulia, pak dosen yang cukup kecewa dengan layanan Telkomsel dan membatalkan pindah ke lain hati gara-gara acara ini. :) Bos Andi memperjuangkan ngumpul bareng blogger Sumut dengan bantuan dari Telkomsel (Mudah-mudahan terwujud bos!). Nah yang memuaskan? Makanannya. Terima kasih Telkomsel :)

The Muse, seorang teman, wartawan dan blogger kawakan yang sering “berpilsapat” terlambat datang karena liputan mendadak jam 12. Akhirnya jam 2 tepat dia datang tapi acara sudah berada pada sesi kedua, penjelasan teknologi Telkomsel. Ketika acara sampai pada sesi terakhir, foto bersama, dikejarlah pak ketua blogger Sumut untuk izin wawancara. Sialnya bro blogger ini rupanya bawa kamera tapi tidak ada memory cardnya, walhasil sayalah yang jadi paparazzi dadakan.


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Cool Bedrooms, Desk and Bathroom

Category: Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:10 am

You’ve got a small house. It’s cramped and barely have enough space for anything. OK, refresh your brain. Let’s look at these cool & INSPIRATIONAL bedrooms, desk, and bathroom, shall we? I promise you’ll literally drop your jaw in the end.

1. Inspirational Bedrooms
I really like the 2nd and the 4th.

Dont You Just Loveeee these bedrooms?

Don’t you just lovveeeeeeeee these bedrooms? Which one do you like the most? Share your thought…

Source: Unclutterer

2. Cool Desk
Every graphic designer or web designer must-have!

Designers' Cool Desk

Very Neat. Hide your cables and units perfectly.


3. Cool Bathroom
The vertical bathroom is your only choice if you’re left with small space but demanding a comfortable/complete bathroom experience. An honor to introduce you, The Vertabrae.

Vertical_bathroom Close-up shots to basin and water closet

Tagged at 10,000 pounds? I say “This is really cool bathroom but…. ”

Source: InventorSpot

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Cool Green Bag

Category: Fun,Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:40 am

Boddhicitta students’ shop presents this cool green bag made from used papers, rags and boxes. Given for those who shops in. Very creative and resourceful.

Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 01 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 02 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 03

For malls and groceries? Anyone? :)

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It’s a Crampy Experience!

Category: Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:46 am

It’s Sunday (28/04) we started hashing at 16.00. We’re trying to take Long (L) route this time as nobody as far as I could see were taking the short route. OK, maybe it’s time to try! Strolling, shots some pictures, accompanied by 2 eldery couple. We left them as they’re relaxing themselves in the nearby stream. Following the trail, we’re led to a confusing intersection. Lots of hashers from different hash club were also dealing the same problem. This is the first time for me to get a “cross” (sharing a small portion of path with other hash club). Few experienced hashers were exploring few meters away trying to get some trail. My wife and I decided to return to the last trail and track our way to exit. Luckily we found middle-age couple from the same club and on we go, following them. “To boldy go where no one has gone before ™”. Exploring woods, crossing several muddy-rocky streams and slippery slopes.

Long story short, we’re stuck! No one to be seen except the 4 of us. It was 17.10 and we’re still unable to find any trail. OMG, we’re screwed this time! It’s time to panic (or at least I thought so). I dashed uncontrollably, consuming too much energy and fell several times. With time against us, all I can think of was to get the hell out as fast as possible. We’re walking 30 minutes trial-and-error for the right path, hoping for another trail to follow. Soon after that as we’re climbing back to an open and higher area, hoping to find someone, my calf ached and stiffened! Cramp! (Perfect time, isn’t it). I fell down in pain with my wife help bending my foot to ease and relax the muscle. It took us 5 minutes for this.


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Golden Egg. Medan’s First Indie Movie!

Category: Indonesian,Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 1:34 pm

Golden Egg DVD CoverLast Monday, I saw the DVD brought by a student. The cover intrigued me. No, It’s not the front cover as it’s not very satisfactorily designed (sorry guys). What had made interested was the fact the story is based on true story of a Medanese boy who sells eggs on street. So what’s the big deal then? Well, he was one of a rarely found gem, who’s still maintaining pure honesty and refuse to take what’s not his. Rarely found in big city like Medan, doesn’t it?

As anticipated, the movie features Hokkian (Medan Chinese mother tongue) and Indonesian. You will hear spoken Indonesian with Chinese accent and phrase like the infamous “la…”, “lo…” and malay’s “sikit”. So what? Medan adapted two Asia’s culture :)


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