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Easter Eggs in OpenOffice & Firefox 3

Category: Fun,Opensource,Tips and Tricks — kamaruddin @ 11:11 am

1. Space Invaders in Calc

Enter “=GAME(“StarWars”)” in any cell and press Enter

StarWars in Openoffice Calc? Space Invaders in Calc… Yay!

The 2nd time you enter the formula, Calc will complain “Oh no, not again!”

2. Meet Calc Developer Team

Enter “=STARCALCTEAM()” in any cell and press Enter

Geeks behind Calc

3. Meet Writer Developer Team

Enter “StarWriterTeam” (case sensitive) and press F3.

Openoffice Writer Dev Team

4. Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! in Firefox 3

Enter “about:robots” as URL in Firefox 3 and let the robots greet us. Just in case, if you’re wondering what Klaatu barada nikto! is.

Welcome Humans! Greeting from the robots!

5. Getting in too deep will void you warranty in Firefox 3

Enter “about:config” and you’ll be warned that it might void your warranty :)


1. Free Software Magazine
2. Quick Online Tips

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Funtime in June

Category: Fun — kamaruddin @ 2:06 pm

Long time no post huh! Anyway, I begin this month’s post with warm hug and laugh.

Check out these pictures:

Geek Gang Signs for 733t H4×0rs Crisis Counseling at Golden Gate India School Bus

McCain’s Iraq solution Very loose translated announcement in Jakarta’s International airport

#1, #2, and #3 are from A very good site with tons of humor (a smile, guarantee!). #4 is taken from The Week Daily. #5 is from Ndoro Kakung (Forgive me for robbing your picture, Ndoro…)

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Cool Green Bag

Category: Fun,Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:40 am

Boddhicitta students’ shop presents this cool green bag made from used papers, rags and boxes. Given for those who shops in. Very creative and resourceful.

Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 01 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 02 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 03

For malls and groceries? Anyone? :)

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Required: MAFIA Teacher!

Category: Fun — kamaruddin @ 10:53 am

Required Mafia Teacher!

(Harian Analisa – 18/03/2008)

Are students nowadays terribly bad? :D

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First time hashing with Nusantara Hash

Category: Fun — kamaruddin @ 3:03 pm

It was 24th February 2008 round 12:00. Called by my brother-in-law asking whether we could join the run. It’s a special run since the House was celebrating its 700th run since founded in 1994.

Started leaving from Medan at 2.00 and arrive on site round 2.40. There were lots of people (~200) preparing and eating snacks (since it’s FREE food anyone!). Anyway, it was my first run and I’m amused with all the stuff offered. Free flow cold beer (YESSS!) and lemonade, variety chinese snacks, fries, miesop and barbecues. Is it a party or hash event? Who cares? Are we not entertained? (huahuaaa)


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