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I’m graduated from an IT college in Medan, Indonesia. Have deep interest in computing especially Open source, security & networking. I’ve been into computing since 1990, back with green digusting monochrome monitors, 80 MB HDD, PC XT and 286… to Gigahertz CPU and a minimum 128 MB graphics card as of todays. Gee… believe me, I’ve been thru all that :D

Now I’m in Ubuntu linux so much and still promoting Open Source Software (OSS) to everyone I met. Wanted to share the spirit of Ubuntu and the most important thing, fewer people using Microsoft products.

Computing is now part of our lives and I firmly believe with the power of community and Open Source spirit we can make a better future in computing. Open source philosophy has empowered our generation, the internet generation, to collaborate, share and help.

Knowledge is power. Human knowledge belongs to the world!

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