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Lingoes. The best dictionary, ever!

Category: Thoughts — kamaruddin @ 11:13 am

I’m still using the-old-faithful Oxford Advanced Genie until I stumbled across the net to Lingoes. Firstly, I thought it’s just another dictionary, yet I was wrong.

Lingoes v2.53 screenshot

Here are some of the best features:

1. Free!
2. Portable. No installation needed.
3. The ability to add (FREE) dictionaries from Lingoes’s project, eg. Wordnet English, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s, Merriam-Webster’s etc.
4. Multilanguage (over 60 languages). You can have a French, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese dictionaries.
5. Text translation service via online translation sites
6. Word/text pronunciation
7. Small footprint. Takes only ~5 MB for base program. (~53 MB with 6 additional comprehensive English dictionaries)

Lingoes addon dictionary packs

Know a better one? Please share.

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