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Cara Sederhana Menghindari Keylogger

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Gambar Keylogger diambil dari saya yang baru ngeblog ternyata memposting sebuah artikel tentang “Black Device” yang bisa merekam password dan membuka situs yang sebelumnya kita akses secara otomatis. Dia mendapatkannya dari e-mail yang dikirim lewat sepupunya yang juga mendapatkan e-mail dari orang lain. E-mail tersebut adalah hoax. E-mail yang berusaha memancing kepanikan, informasi menyesatkan dan membodoh-bodohi. Jadi waspadalah! Jangan cepat percaya dengan e-mail berantai (asal forward) tanpa terlebih dahulu memeriksa kebenarannya.

Saya kemudian memposting komentar di artikel tersebut beserta sedikit referensi dan berjanji akan melakukan trackback.


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Cool Bedrooms, Desk and Bathroom

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You’ve got a small house. It’s cramped and barely have enough space for anything. OK, refresh your brain. Let’s look at these cool & INSPIRATIONAL bedrooms, desk, and bathroom, shall we? I promise you’ll literally drop your jaw in the end.

1. Inspirational Bedrooms
I really like the 2nd and the 4th.

Dont You Just Loveeee these bedrooms?

Don’t you just lovveeeeeeeee these bedrooms? Which one do you like the most? Share your thought…

Source: Unclutterer

2. Cool Desk
Every graphic designer or web designer must-have!

Designers' Cool Desk

Very Neat. Hide your cables and units perfectly.


3. Cool Bathroom
The vertical bathroom is your only choice if you’re left with small space but demanding a comfortable/complete bathroom experience. An honor to introduce you, The Vertabrae.

Vertical_bathroom Close-up shots to basin and water closet

Tagged at 10,000 pounds? I say “This is really cool bathroom but…. ”

Source: InventorSpot

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Forgotten Password in Windows 9x?

Category: IT in General,Tips and Tricks — kamaruddin @ 3:05 pm

Worry not! Here’s the solution in animated GIF.

Note: The author is *still* using Windows 98SE with Unofficial 98SE Service Pack & XP for work and fun on desktop. Yes, he’s crazy and a 98 die-hard! :)

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