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Buy Your Own DreamLand on the Moon

Category: Fun — kamaruddin @ 3:42 pm

Plan your eternal resting place here... on the moon Dream no more! You can now buy your own land on the moon. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones. Suitable for Valentine’s day, Father’s/Mother’s day, or any special occasion. Since millions of people have purchased their own dreamland on the moon, now you can too. It’s just one click away.

Price starts at $20. So call now, don’t delay! More on Lunar International See you on the moon, friends…

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Run or Test Your LiveCD with Portable MobaLiveCD

Category: IT in General — kamaruddin @ 5:37 pm

Most people would prefer VirtualPC or VirtualBox when testing out ISOs, whether it is Linux LiveCD or Rescue CD. Give yourself a break by trying out MobaLiveCD. It’s free, portable, lightweight (1.6 MB) and has clean user interface.

MobaLiveCD UI

Now you can conveniently test Ubuntu or other linux liveCD in Windows with ease.

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Njouba: New Search Engine Unleashed

Category: Web — kamaruddin @ 4:28 pm

Njouba is a new search engine which aims for “Making the Web Easy for Everyone”. I quickly tested it out, well… not bad for a new search engine. You choose what type of files you’re searching by selecting tabs. Really an easy way than remembering “filetype:pdf your-search-term-here”. I downloaded some ebooks/tutorials in PDF this way.

Njouba: Find and Download Everything

The downside is, we can’t insert quote to make an exact search term. Njouba is escaping it away by backslash. It’s also not accurate in refining keyword. You can see the result below.

After all, it’s fun to know searching is not only Google, Yahoo or 100 Useful Niche Search Engines that you might never heard of. Find and Download Evrything? Go to Njouba!

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