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Cool Green Bag

Category: Fun,Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 10:40 am

Boddhicitta students’ shop presents this cool green bag made from used papers, rags and boxes. Given for those who shops in. Very creative and resourceful.

Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 01 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 02 Cool Green Bag Made from used papers - 03

For malls and groceries? Anyone? :)

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Vihara Avalokistesvara Siantar Burned!

Category: News — kamaruddin @ 3:58 pm

It’s sad news. Approaching the great Vesak (20/5), Vihara Avalokitesvara in Siantar was on fire due to electrical short last Sunday (11/5). It is one of the most admirable Vihara that has the greatest Guan Yin statue in South East Asia thus awarded by MURI (Indonesia’s Record Museum). Luckily the statue is still intact.

The incident took 7 lives; Monk Yu Chen, teacher Sudjat Widodo, Ai Cin & Ai Nie (siblings), Yie Ciu Hong, Dian Pirgunawan & Nizar (employees); and leaving several critical victims as reported by Harian Global.

vihara_fire_01.jpg vihara_fire_02.jpg vihara_fire_03.jpg

vihara_fire_04.jpg vihara_fire_05.jpg vihara_fire_06.jpg


(Pictures are courtesy of Harian Global)

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