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Golden Egg. Medan’s First Indie Movie!

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Golden Egg DVD CoverLast Monday, I saw the DVD brought by a student. The cover intrigued me. No, It’s not the front cover as it’s not very satisfactorily designed (sorry guys). What had made interested was the fact the story is based on true story of a Medanese boy who sells eggs on street. So what’s the big deal then? Well, he was one of a rarely found gem, who’s still maintaining pure honesty and refuse to take what’s not his. Rarely found in big city like Medan, doesn’t it?

As anticipated, the movie features Hokkian (Medan Chinese mother tongue) and Indonesian. You will hear spoken Indonesian with Chinese accent and phrase like the infamous “la…”, “lo…” and malay’s “sikit”. So what? Medan adapted two Asia’s culture :)

Like many other Indie movies, shot with handy camera and without big budget, don’t expect a great scene play, famous actors or superb AV editing. What they’re focusing (I guess) on this first movie is the story. A story which delivers a good message to viewers that there’re a lot of unfortunate people who’s dreaming of affordable healthcare and school. Yet, the final message blows the mind of corruptors and politicians alike that they should learn from a humble boy who work hard to support the family in a noble and honest way.

I found out lack of details and shaky camera as minor disappointment in this first release. But few things that made them worth big round of applause:

  1. Crisp and crystal DVD quality video
  2. Good subtitling, sync and easy to read
  3. Great choice of soundtracks!
    Eminem‘s “Mockingbird” blends perfectly.
  4. Visual tour of Medan’s best
    You’re taken to see several legendary streetfood sites like Selat Panjang, Wajir and Gedeh. Also housing complex in Cemara Asri, chinese populated distric in Sukaramai and Medan’s landmark, the reservoir.

Despite all flaws and bloopers, I must admit that “Golden Egg” is pioneering the journey of Medan’s indie video production.


You wont be able to return home if you’re taking a glassful of Johnnie Walker on age like theirs. 2 main actors Our star, Hock Lie as Toni

Medan’s landmark, the Tirtanadi tower (reservoir) Apartment in Sukaramai Artificial lake inside Cemara Asri housing complex

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    Go youtube and type Agam Darmadi for a movie made by a Medanse.

    Comment by Agam Darmadi — 19/04/2008 @ 10:50 pm
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    but this is the shittest movie i ever seen, sorry

    Comment by Andy — 28/04/2008 @ 9:31 am
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    Wajar kalo banyak kekurangan, karena baru pertama kali. Awal karirnya Walt Disney, dia juga cuma bikin tikus kartun dari buku gambar tebal yang harus di balik-balik dengan cepat agar keliatan gambarnya seolah bergerak-gerak. Yang penting ada kerinduan untuk berkarya lebih baik lagi.
    Semangat untuk seluruh pembuat film Indie…!!!

    Comment by wongmuntilan — 08/02/2009 @ 1:39 pm

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