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First time hashing with Nusantara Hash

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It was 24th February 2008 round 12:00. Called by my brother-in-law asking whether we could join the run. It’s a special run since the House was celebrating its 700th run since founded in 1994.

Started leaving from Medan at 2.00 and arrive on site round 2.40. There were lots of people (~200) preparing and eating snacks (since it’s FREE food anyone!). Anyway, it was my first run and I’m amused with all the stuff offered. Free flow cold beer (YESSS!) and lemonade, variety chinese snacks, fries, miesop and barbecues. Is it a party or hash event? Who cares? Are we not entertained? (huahuaaa)

Ok, on we go with the run. We’re running up and down the hills in Brastagi tropical forest, don’t know the exact place. It’s very strenuous and killing for some. Quite exhausting if I might say. My wife and I were wearing running shoes which are hell lots of pain. Stuck in the mud and they’re not gripping, we slipped everytime dealing with slopes.

Well actually the fun part of the run is good scenery and fresh air. And eventually dipped your stink shoes full-of-mud in the friendly river to soothe your feet. (Ok, I made this one up)

There are several things I learnt:

1. It’s sports for everyone.
There’s no barrier of age or sex. Even some senior citizens performed better than the youngs.

2. Brain twisting
You dont simply follow the track by examining shredded papers left by ‘hare’. If you get lost (thanks to the misleading sign) then you will stay inside till someone realizes that you’re lost :)

3. Fresh & cheap local stuffs
It’s fresh and cheap straight from the locals’ farms. Vegetables, eggs and fruits. Very good bargain!

4. It was originated from Malaysia

After 1.5 hours aching feet and exhausted, finally, an asphalt roadside! CHARGE! It’s time to fill my stomach! I can resist the temptation of beer and fries. While enjoying our food there are some show performed by Master wong (ginseng seller) and karaoke. And of course waiting for the lucky draw! There were 14″ TV, blenders, emergency lamps and others.
I might say this is one h*ll experience I’ve had. Little capital investment and all those facilities? I have no complaint whatseover :)

Care to join?

River… ah… very relaxing Same river, different perpective Master Wong’s show. Give him big round applause everyone :)

Master Wong is breaking coconut with his bare hand Food Camp, stage and free beer! Locals are selling fruits

Drunkard (maybe) in the center. Shake that booty… Yeehaa!

1. Hash House Harriers
2. Medan Hash
3. Interhash 2008 Australia

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    enak lu bang, ya. ga ngajak2 ya. mmm, makanya jangan sok minum bir… wong biasanya minum kopi… btw, it would be nice if i join with u sometime. what d’u think?

    Comment by tonggo — 05/03/2008 @ 9:09 pm
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    Entar kalo ada akan ku aja brother, tapi hashingnya minggu dan sepatu lu kalo bisa jangan running shoes, gak “gigit” man.

    Kalo serius hub gw aja bro. Nanti ada event gw hub balik.

    Comment by kamaruddin — 13/03/2008 @ 1:47 pm
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    serius lah… asyik tuh. btw, hp abg kok ga bisa dihubungi? kalau jadi, ntar kalo bisa hubunginya seminggu sebelum perginya. biar aku siapan semuanya..

    ok, bro..

    Comment by tonggo — 13/03/2008 @ 8:45 pm

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