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What WordPress’ Plugins is he using?

Category: Fun,IT in General,Web — kamaruddin @ 1:26 pm

You blogwalk to all high-traffic personal blogs and wondering, “What plugin is this guy using?”, “Is he a stats maniac by placing 10 different stats plugins?” or you’re just curious.

You can start typing “” and voila! You can see all plugins he might be using.

Wordpress Plugins List of Unprotected directoryThe reason you can see his plugins is because the .htaccess is not set to disallow directory browsing (without index file). It’s always best practice to keep all backend files hidden from the world.

To remedy this situtation is simple. Either you place your blank “index.html” or go edit your .htaccess file by placing “Options -Indexes

PS: Seems like someone has posted this matter long before I do :P

Update 20/09/07: – Hardening WordPress

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