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Desktop 3D Show-off

Category: Ubuntu — kamaruddin @ 2:31 pm

This is an old fart. It’s Compiz Fusion in my Feisty Fawn. To my conscious, firstly I dislike ANY (useless) program that eat up my computer resource and memory. I decided to give it a play since my geek friend, Simon, kept flashing his desktop :D Ok, here I am…. with Fusion. The next Ubuntu release (Gutsy) will feature Compiz Fusion by default. Well, that’s a relieve! I only wish that it has a button to turn on/off.

BTW, if you want to try, there are lots of information at Google. Try “Compiz Fusion Install Feisty” or try this from Ubuntu Forum.

Compiz Fusion

  1. Active Windows List
    Active Windows List
  2. Minimized windows List (Showing Icons)
  3. Desktops rotate in 3D
  4. Unfolding to desktop wall

  5. Desktop pane (2 desktops)
  6. Animations you can choose…

Windows Yodm 3D v1.4 That’s in the penguin’s world. What about Windows’ user? Do we have any Desktop/Cube 3D or similiar? Try Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D (Yod’m 3D) (free). It only gives you a bit of Compiz Fusion ride as you can’t rotate your desktops in full 3D. But hey this is in Windows! If you really wanna get drunk, try Compiz Fusion.

During final editing I found out that Yod’m 3D has been acquired by Otaku Software and it’s now called Deskspace. You can still download the latest free edition v1.4 here.

Warning!You-Can-Get-Slapped-By-Someone Warning:
If you see someone playing/working with his amazing full 3D Desktop. Don’t start asking “What Vista version are you using?”. You have been warned.

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  1. Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Windows Windows XP

    makasih dah mau mampir di weblog ku mas :)

    Comment by c1p1 — 18/09/2007 @ 9:44 pm
  2. Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Windows Windows XP

    No Problem. Blog Anda juga menarik. :)

    Comment by kamaruddin — 19/09/2007 @ 9:18 am

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