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Layman’s Tips for Masses – Vol: 1

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Tips 1: How to Check Your Remote Control Unit
You’re pressing the remote control button like crazy but the air conditioner is not reacting. You exchange the batteries hoping that it’ll alive soon but still no joy. You’re wondering, is the AC remote sensor dying or the remote is broken (falling off too often)?

Worry not! Grab a camera-ready mobile phone or digital camera, point the remote control towards your phone/digicam and start pressing. If you see light flashes from it, then your remote control is OK and it’s time to fix your IR Sensor :D



Tips 2: Adobe Photoshop 7 Flashes and Disappears
Like anyday before you’re starting your Adobe Photoshop 7. The mighty logo shows but wait… nothing happens! It doesn’t launch the application! Reinstalling seems to be good remedy.

OK, no sweat! NO installing is necessary on this since it’s kind of bug from Photoshop 7. Just launch the application as usual but when the mighty logo popups, quickly press “Ctrl Alt Shift” (and cross your finger :lol: ) If all goes well then you should have a question box about creating a new color palette. Click “Yes” and you’ll get your Photoshop 7 back without reinstalling.

Tips 3: “Run As”… No Logging-Off or Switch-Account
runas.jpgYou can switch to your privilidge account in Windows with Shift-Right Click. This works best even in “Control Panel” but “Network Connetions” applet is not affected.

Runas.exe” (command line) also provides a good method of running more-priviledge account in limited (user) environment without logging-off.

Remember! Using an administrator account for everyday’s work is very dangerous. Malwares/Keyloggers can be easily installed to computer without your knowledge.

Tips 4: Fun with Gmail (Gmail Tips)
Your 2 GB of Gmail is halfway to the final. Now you’re pulling your hair searching for e-mail containing your (attached) presentation sent by your friend sometime ago. There’re 51,231 e-mails on your inbox because you’ve never archieved it or mark it or whatever (lazy a*s)

Tap “/” or put your cursor on search box and type “has:attachment“. Gmail will filter all mails except ones with attachment. You can even put the operator “from:” or “label:” (eg. from: Albert has:attachment)

The “from:“, “to:“, and “subject:” are some of the most commonly used operators. To search for after/before specified date, you can use “after:” and “before:” (eg. before:2007/05/14). “is:unread” searches for e-mails which are unread. “is:starred” searches for “starred” e-mails.

Fun part is that you can cramp those operators into that tiny mighty search box.

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