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Best Open Source Software List

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Here’s my links to Open Source softwares. Most of the softwares could replace (even surpasses) commercial softwares without spending a single dime. Be legal! Don’t use pirated software even if it’s cool to do so :lol:

My utmost respect to those programmers who spend many days of sleepless nights sharing their piece of idealism to us.

Portable OSS

My Opensource

OSALT – Open Source As aLTernative

Wikipedia entry for “List of Free OSS”

(Untested) Open Source software list

Opensouce CMS

400+ List of OSS

World’s largest Open Source software development website

Best Opensource Project?

— For reference —
Free Software Mag

Full Circle Magazine (Ubuntu)

— Opensource in Indonesia —
Opensource Indonesia


You’re welcome to contribute another link.

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