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29 August 2007

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Category: Miscellaneous,Thoughts — kamaruddin @ 12:46 pm

Have you heard of someone whose bones are very fragile and breaks easily for no apparent cause? Even swatting flies or putting pressure when you sit will cause them to break? No, it’s not Osteoporosis and it’s not the lack of calcium. The disease is called “Osteogenesis Imperfecta” (Brittle Bone Disease), one of many incurable diseases.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic bone disorder that affects the body’s ability to produce collagen (either little or poor quality). Collagen is major protein in bone which provides mass and strength to the bone. It also builds the connective tissue of the body (imagine framework of building). People who suffer this disease have only little mobility, since sudden movement or pressure will break particular part of their bones.


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16 August 2007

Layman’s Tips for Masses – Vol: 1

Category: Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 1:20 pm

Tips 1: How to Check Your Remote Control Unit
You’re pressing the remote control button like crazy but the air conditioner is not reacting. You exchange the batteries hoping that it’ll alive soon but still no joy. You’re wondering, is the AC remote sensor dying or the remote is broken (falling off too often)?

Worry not! Grab a camera-ready mobile phone or digital camera, point the remote control towards your phone/digicam and start pressing. If you see light flashes from it, then your remote control is OK and it’s time to fix your IR Sensor :D


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8 August 2007

Best Open Source Software List

Category: Opensource — kamaruddin @ 4:36 pm

Here’s my links to Open Source softwares. Most of the softwares could replace (even surpasses) commercial softwares without spending a single dime. Be legal! Don’t use pirated software even if it’s cool to do so :lol:

My utmost respect to those programmers who spend many days of sleepless nights sharing their piece of idealism to us.



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Biggest Avalokitesvara Boddhisatva Statue in Siantar

Category: Miscellaneous — kamaruddin @ 4:00 pm

If you’re traveling to Siantar or on an excursion to Lake Toba in Prapat, have a stop off at Vihara Avalokitesvara in Pane street, Siantar. Help yourself to pray (for Buddhist) or admire the statue of Kwan Im (Quan Yin) that is recorded by MURI (Indonesia’s Record Museum) as the biggest Avalokitesvara Bodhissatva Statue in Indonesia.

Kwan Im statue in Siantar was built in 3 years and made public on 15th November 2005. The 22.8 meters granite statue was ordered from China as the heighest statue in South East Asia.



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