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Brightup Your Day with Fun Online Generator

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Fictional Funny Brand New Mag To chase away stressful time during office hours. I manage to play a mischief/prank to couple colleagues :evil: I attach their photos and made up “good” sentences and start circulating them round the office by e-mail. Never have I accepted good response from friends and colleagues stating (at least thinking) that I’m now “proficient” in using Photoshop :lol: Even “victims” were demanding on how I accomplished my task of putting them into magazine’s covers.

Prank Playboy MagIt’s real fun and require no skills of Photoshopping. All you need is want-to-be-victim’s photo (search for ugly/sleepy or other foolish pose), old-good-convincing sentence, your browser of choice (I recommend the mighty Mozilla Firefox) and a nasty naughty brain of course :)

OK, cut the crap! Surf these sites and have a naughty fun… Hope you enjoy it as much as I do… :P

Get yourself into Time or Playboy mag

Customized “motivation” phrase

Your friend’s news on the internet? Arrested? Kill Somebody? Has an HIV+? Gay? Drink from toilet?

Online magazine generator (You can set issue and price too)

Get your friends pictures into a movie poster.
PS: has several fun generators

Generate your own news on “authentic-looking” old newspaper

Put someone you know into dollar bill

Another Fun/Parody Motivator Poster Prank

Fun Online Generator compiled!

You are now part of the museum

Turn your friends’ photo to text :twisted:

Create your custom images and send to friends

:!: Disclaimer:
I will not be held responsible for any physical or emotional damage as a result of viewing this post and people are celebrating a-laughing-together-at-you day. The information here is only for educational and fun purposes. If you use this to prank your boss then you have to pray a lot and cross your finger.

Faces and names for those whose pictures are featured on this site is of intentional purpose and is copyrighted. You may NOT distribute, steal, borrow and modify them. Failure to do so will result a punch on your nose, slapped by nearby grandmas and bitten by your neigbor’s dogs.

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